1) Ingredients
– Arugula salad.
– Parmesan, 70 grams.
– Pears (1 or 2 depending on the amount of salad) and lemon juice
– Dried beef: Spanish cecina or Grisons meat or Italian Bresaola

2) Salad with pears
Put the salad leaves in a salad bowl, then add the sliced ​​pears and pass them in the lemon juice to prevent them from turning black.

3) Salad with dried meat:
Add the salad leaves in a salad bowl and add the dried meat cut into strips.

4) Seasoning
When serving add seasoning and according to your preferences:
– either olive oil + lemon juice used for pears + salt
– or usual French vinaigrette: strong mustard (1 teaspoon full) + 1 tablespoon vinegar (wine or cider or balsamic) + 3 tablespoons olive oil.

5) The final touch
For the 2 types of salad add over parmesan cut into strips (the knife used to peel potatoes works to make pretty volutes)
Bon Appetit ! Enjoy!