Jacques Demars’ interview

 Today, I can’t say that organic will make a better wine than we currently produce because the quantities of chemical residues present in wine are infinitesimal. The problem is for all those who work in the vines and whose frequent exposure to these chemical agents is a risk for their health. For example, since 2012, Parkinson’s disease has been recognized as a work-related disease among winegrowers.

Many concordant facts allow today to strongly suspect the role of these chemical agents in the appearance of serious diseases among those who work in the vines, although our tractors are closed, equipped with filters and air-conditioned.

Ethics do not allow me to put in danger the health of others and therefore this choice is inevitable.

With A 5-Year-old grandson, it is essential to leave an estate that not only makes a quality wine but also applies processes that respect the environment and preserve biodiversity.