In 2013, two sisters, Helene and Claire Demars, descendants of the famous winegrowing Gosset family,  based in Ay in the Champagne region since 1584 and then in Chinon from 1952 decided, along with their father Jacques Demars, to buy a vineyard of their own in the Chinon region.
In deference to their wish to « keep it in the family» they asked Jean Max Manceau, who had already worked with their grandfather in the Chinon vineyard, to help them craft their wines.  Today he is their cellar master, thus ensuring the family tradition of quality and excellence.

In order to give fresh impetus to this new chapter in their lives, Helene and Claire decided to rename the domain and so it became:  Les Demoiselles de Pallus
Under their driving force the domain has undergone a dramatic transformation; a new philosophy concerning the upkeep of the vines, refurbishment and modernisation of the vineyard in order to create a convivial place in which to share and exchange, a new, cutting edge winery incorporating the traditional French methods of winemaking.  Helene and Claire’s credo, which underpins all their actions, is: “Excellence, Modernity and Elegance.”

An anecdote: how the domain’s label came into being


The story of our label reflects our own very personal history; it all started with a painting that was given to our mother Marie Agnes Gosset Demars by the painter Jutand many years ago.

During our search for a suitable logo, it became obvious that the painting, featuring a woman wearing a headdress embroidered with grapes, corresponded perfectly to the Image we were seeking. The woman in the picture is the perfect link between the past and the present and symbolises the future that we are creating together. The painting has pride of place in our winery.