For 4 people

6 apples

50 g of butter

3 tablespoons caster sugar

Ingredients for almond cream:

25g of butter

25g of sugar

25 g ground almonds

5 g of flour

10 g of whipping cream

1 egg

Ingredients for the wine jelly

50 cl of red wine AOC Chinon

400 g jam sugar (with gelling agent)

Cinnamon powder (2 pinches)

The wine being boiled several times, the alcool evaporates and the children can enjoy this jelly.

Prepare the red wine jelly a few days before:

Boil the wine in a large saucepan with cinnamon.

Add the remaining sugar while stirring, boil again and cook for 3 minutes. If necessary, remove impurities on the surface with a skimmer.

Put in jars, the lid facing down and keep them in a cool place. The jelly can be kept for more than a year in pots and months in the refrigerator after opening.

Preparation of the apple gratin

Fry the chopped apples with the sugar and the butter and caramelise lightly.

For the preparation of the almond cream: work the better in cream, add the sugar, flour, whipped cream and egg. Mix everything.

Dessert finish

Arrange the cooked apples in 4 soup plates, spread almond cream on them

Toast in preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Once the content of the plates is grilled enough put the red wine jelly all around.